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Estonian national long-term visa - D type visa - is needed for both exchange program students (e.g. ERASMUS) as well as for degree program students (bachelor's, master, doctoral studies) with the period of validity up to 12 months and the period of actual stay up to 365 days.


In order to apply for D type visa at the Embassy of Estonia in Ankara, you should first book an appointment online for your visa interview. The following documents are required during  the visa interview for your visa application:

- a valid travel document which is issued within the previous 10 years, contains at least two blank pages for visas and is valid at least 3 months after the expiration date of the visa;

- a printed and signed copy of your ONLINE APPLICATION FORM 

- one photo (size 35x45 mm);

- an original insurance policy valid for Estonia or for the Schengen area with a coverage of at least 30.000 EUR for the entire duration of stay;

- documents indicating the purpose of journey:

  • a confirmation letter from the host university in Estonia;
  • and FOR EXCHANGE (e.g. ERASMUS) STUDENTS: a student identification document from their home university;

- documents in relation to accommodation;

- any information which supports the applicant’s intention to leave the Schengen area before the expiry of the visa: bring with you booking of your tickets to Estonia and back from Estonia; and a confirmation letter from your home university (in Turkey);

- documents proving the sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of the intended stay and for the return to the country of origin or residence:

  • statement of your bank account (original document from your bank signed and sealed) for the last 3 months and/or statement of your parents bank account for the last  3 months, if they are supporting you financially (also a guarantee letter from your parents in that case);
  • and FOR EXCHANGE (e.g. ERASMUS) STUDENTS: a letter from your home university (in Turkey) confirming your Erasmus grant.

- a visa fee 80 € should be paid during your visa interview by credit card or in cash or before your visa interview to the following Embassy’s bank account:

Embassy’s Euro-account (for state fees):


Garanti Bank

324 – 9097779


IBAN: TR28 0006 2000 3240 0009 0977 79

All students whose period of study in Estonia is longer than 12 months should apply for temporary residence permit for study at the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (in Estonia) before the expiration of their D type visa.

It is recommended that students 
whose period of study in Estonia is longer than 12 months apply for both D type visa and temporary residence permit for study together at the same time at the Embassy, which allows them to travel to Estonia with D type visa, start their studies, and when their residence permit card is ready, collect it from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (in Estonia).

Please check carefully for full details:


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