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(last updated 02.03.2015)

The following is a list of some useful websites that cover the most important aspects of Estonia's economy and offer insight into possibilities for you to participate in the development of this rapidly expanding economy.

If you are considering Estonia as a destination for investments, the website of Enterprise Estonia (Invest in Estonia) would be your best resource. There you can find information on the investment climate in Estonia, economic reviews, investment statistics, and other factors that are important in the decision-making process for capital allocations.

To find information about Estonia's trade regime and Customs Act, the web site of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board will be helpful.

A good source of statistics on Estonian exports and imports is maintained by the Office of Statistics, which also replies to specific requests for information and statistics not found on the site.

Reports on the Estonian banking system and monetary policy framework, the latest statistics on the Estonian economy, and a chronicle of banking and monetary events are available on the Bank of Estonia website.

If you are interested in finding trading partners, then Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and ICC-Estonia are the most valuable sources of information for you.

If you are searching for Estonian exporting companies, good resources are the here.

Of course you can also find partners during exhibitions. The exhibitions and fairs held at the Estonian Fairs Centre have a firm position on international fair calendars. Estonia's fair culture is internationally respected and the fairs held in Estonia attract numerous foreign companies and visitors.

To run searches for companies in Estonia based on a name or field of activity, try the Estonian version of the Yellow Pages or the Ärikataloog.

In order to start trading in securities listed on the Nasdaq OMX Tallinn, enter the website, where you can find information regarding listed securities, relevant rules and regulations, the contact information of listed companies, online trading information, etc.

In case you have further questions about the economy or business opportunities in Estonia, please contact the Estonian Representations around the World or the Enterprise Estonia Representatives around the World.


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