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Solidarity stand by the European Union Ambassadors in Ankara


The Ambassador of Estonia participated yesterday, October 12th at 19:00, at a gathering of the Ambassadors and Representatives of the European Union and its Member States to express their solidarity with the bereaved Turkish people on the site of the tragedy that shocked the country last Saturday. We were all appalled by this abominable act of barbarism which has cost so many innocent lives. People from many Turkish cities and provinces planning to participate in a peaceful march around Ankara railway station were targeted by a bomb attack. And they were not the only ones: the perpetrators also targeted one of the fundamental rights and freedoms cherished by true democrats in Turkey and elsewhere in the world: the right to peacefully assemble and express their opinion. We gathered yesterday at the site to stand united in our compassion for the families and friends of the victims, in our rejection of terrorism, and in our support for the call for peace in Turkey.


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