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VIDEO – Nordic Walking (Full version!)

Speeches of the Estonian Ambassador Aivo Orav, Turkish Minister of European Affairs Egemen Bağış and the creator of Nordic Walking Marko Kantaneva.


Turkish Minister of European Affairs Egemen Bağış

Prof.Dr. Pascal Hector (Embassy of Germany)

Ambassador of USA Mr. Joseph Ricciardone

Ambassador of Finland Mrs. Kirsti Eskelinen – It was very lovely and joyful event. I’m pleased that Estonian Embassy organized this event and we had opportunity to introduce the Nordic Walking. Lot of people came, among others Turkish euro-minister and lot of press. I understand that the creator of the Nordic walking, who is Finnish, met many representatives from different sport organisations. I hope this event is a startup to get the Nordic walking to Turkey

Former Turkish Ambassador in Estonia H.E. Mrs. Şule Soysal

Luca Bianconi (Embassy of Italy)

Col. Sylvain Lescoutre (Embassy of Canada)

Javier Cuenca (Spain)

Ambassador of Estonia Aivo Orav – I’m happy the event was succesful. There was about 300-400 people here – many diplomats and politicians. The Nordic Walking is totally new thing here in Turkey. The company selling the equipment is Estonian and we hope that with Nordica Walking Estonia will be more visible in Turkey.

Video in Estonian Kanal 2 -


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