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Creative Industries in Estonia


(last updated: 07.09.2015)

Creative industries (CI) have an increasing role in strengthening the state’s competitiveness and developing a knowledge-based economy.

Creativity is becoming the key component in several sectors and this has a focal role in achieving not only economic objectives, but also improving our environment, quality of life, innovation and competitiveness.

As a result, creative industries play a considerable role in regional development, tourism and increasing the state’s export capacity.
A study has shown that in 2011 over 7000 companies and institutions operated in the creative industries sector, amounting to 11.4% of the total number of companies in Estonia. It also revealed that over 29 000 people were employed in the creative industries, accounting for 4.8% of Estonia’s working population; and that does not even include professionals!

The creative sector is growing constantly so that nowadays the sector accounts for 3% of the Estonian economy.

There really is creativity in Estonia!


Text by LoovEesti/CreativeEstonia

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